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We are here to teach intuition, spirituality and energy healing in a simple grounded way.

-The inspired Light Exercises-

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Grounding helps you be more present with what you are doing and with the people you are with. Grounding brings focus, awareness and clarity.

Grounding Yourself

A grounding cord connects your body from your 1st chakra to the center of the Earth. All grounding cords look different and can be updated at any time. Some people see the grounding cord as a beam of light, a rope, tree trunk or an anchor.

If you are setting up your grounding cord for the first time, allow yourself to see what your grounding cord looks like now. See what it looks like, color, size, shape, texture, strength. If it looks strong, healthy and feels good, great! If it looks tattered, weak or you simply feel like you want to update it, you can. Send the old grounding cord away. Have it disappear and visually create a new one. 

Ask yourself what does the best grounding cord for you look like right now. Visualize this strong grounding cord in detail. Visualize it connected to your 1st chakra, the base of your spine and moving down through your chair, down through the floor, the ground, the Earth, all the way down and connected to the center of the Earth, grounded in present time.

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Grounding a Room

Visualize a white beam of light as the grounding cord, at the center of the room, going down from the ceiling to the floor at each of the corners and the center of the room. This light is collecting all of the energy that you are clearing and sending it down the grounding cord. I like to see the white light painting the walls of the room as well. You can do this with each room in a house and/or the whole house or building. 

After grounding, you can set the vibration of the room. Ask yourself what energy level is appropriate for the room. It could be clear communication, inspiration, warmth, enthusiasm, love, fun, or peace etc. You do this by putting the word and energy up in the corners of the room and seeing the vibration of that word expanding and filling up throughout the room.

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