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Many people ask about relationships, career, health, life path, business, money, self connection, but any questions can be addressed.

Every reading is different but readings can help you rediscover your desires and present time goals. Clients often feel a sense of peace, validation, inspiration and upliftment. You will receive new perspectives and a clearer understanding of experiences and people. You will be open to new opportunities and solutions while feeling more confident taking actions that are in alignment with your highest self and path.

Find a comfortable place where you can relax and truly receive all the information and healing. Have an open mind and open heart as well as a few questions in mind you would like to look into and be ready to take notes.


We are all intuitive! Your intuition is like a muscle in your body just like any other, the more you use it, the stronger it gets. The Inspired Intuition course will teach you tools and techniques to strengthen your intuition.

Brett connects with her clients as she does with her friends. She is a natural teacher who is deeply invested in helping you find your own truth & alignment. She has nearly two decades of experience and is passionate about helping everyone grow and succeed. She hopes she is a vibrational match with you as well!.

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Is everyone intuitive?

How do I prepare?

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Are there payment plans for courses?

All course payments are taken through PayPal. In PayPal you have the option to pay with PayPal, credit card or PayPal credit where you can choose payment plan options.

I know you are excited and want to learn how to receive accurate and insightful information by tapping into your higher knowingness and psychic abilities. 

I am offering you this for free, so you can get started right away. You will get a feel for my teaching style and what the course is like to be assured that it is in alignment with you.

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