Grounding helps you be more present with what you are doing and with the people you are with. Grounding brings focus, awareness and clarity.

A grounding cord connects your body from your 1st chakra to the center of the Earth. All grounding cords look different and can be updated at any time. Some people see the grounding cord as a beam of light, a rope, tree trunk or an anchor.

If you are setting up your grounding cord for the first time, allow yourself to see what your grounding cord looks like now. See what it looks like, color, size, shape, texture, strength. If it looks strong, healthy and feels good, great! If it looks tattered, weak or you simply feel like you want to update it, you can. Send the old grounding cord away, and visually create a new one. 

Ask yourself, "what does the best grounding cord for you look like right now?" Visualize this new strong grounding cord in detail. Visualize it connected to your 1st chakra, the base of your spine, moving down through your chair, down through the floor, the ground, all the way down and connected to the center of the Earth, grounded in present time.



Visualize a bright golden energy that is your highest vibration. This can be a seen as golden light.

See this golden energy coming in through the top of your head through your seventh chakra. See it pouring into your head, your mind, brain, sinuses, down your neck and throat, down your arms, your hands and fingers. Watch it move down into your chest, heart, lungs and back. See it moving through your body on all levels, muscles, bones, blood, organs, chakras, moving down into your belly, hips, legs and out your feet. See this energy expanding through your body and out into your aura about an arm's length around you, above you, below you, in front of you and behind you.

Then see a blue light surrounding your aura. This is considered your auric boundary. Embody your highest vibration and see it glowing all around you. 


Your Highest Vibration

If you feel like other people’s energy or the energy of an experience is stuck in your space, here’s what you can do to clear it.

Imagine a bright sun over head, and write the name of another person, people or even experiences on it. Visualize all of the energy in and around you that does not belong to you, moving up and out of your body and aura through the top of your head into the sun.

The sun will draw up this energy, cleanse it, and bring it back into present time. When the sun is filled and feels complete, thank the sun and send it off and see it burst into beautiful, golden sparkles of light. These sparkles are everyone else’s energy that is being dispersed and sent back to them. They will receive a healing as well because they will be filled back up with all of their highest energy. Know that all the energy is being sent back to where it belongs, healing everything along the way.


Clearing Energy

Your energy can be left behind in the past, with people or experiences. It can even be projected into the future, so it's really important to call back your energy from all time, all people and all places. This will help you call back your energy into present time and feel more energized and more like highest self. 

Visualize a bright, vibrant glowing sun above your head and write your name on it. This sun’s purpose is to gather up all of your energy. Visualize all of your energy being called back into the sun from all your thoughts, relationships, work, the past, the future, all time, all people and all places. See the sun growing bigger and bigger filling with all of this energy. The sun will cleanse all of your energy and bring it into the present time. 

Next, visualize your seventh chakra, at the top of your head, opening up. Visualize the renewed energy pouring out of the sun into the top of your head. See this glowing energy of yours filling up your entire body from your head to your toes, through all of your chakras, muscles, bones, organs, energetic pathways and out into your aura as well. When you feel complete, see the top of your head close. Thank the sun and send it back into the sky until next time.


Energy Retrieval Exercise

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